Data Analyst Interview Questions

Data Analyst Interview Questions

Last updated October 31st, 2017

Data Analysts compile, store, and use company information to track trends, learn more about buyer behavior, and help the company develop better strategies. Strong candidates will be technical and detail-oriented with good communication skills. Avoid those who lack math or computer skills.

Interview Questions for Data Analysts

1. How do you communicate technical information to someone without a technical background? Provide examples.

Tests communication skills.

2. Describe some of the projects you’ve worked on. What information did you look at? What impact did it have?

Reveals more about work history.

3. What computer software and databases have you worked with? What purpose did they serve?

Shows computer skills.

4. Describe a time when you overcame opposition. How did you handle the situation?

Demonstrates negotiation skills.

5. Describe how your analysis process. Where do you start?

Tests technical skills.

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