Computer Systems Analyst Interview Questions

Computer Systems Analyst Interview Questions

Last updated October 31st, 2017

Computer Systems Analysts develop strategies and recommend solutions to help businesses use their IT resources more effectively and efficiently. Strong candidates will be analytical and knowledgeable about technology. Avoid those who lack listening and problem solving skills.

Interview Questions for Computer Systems Analysts

1. How do you connect clients with the right IT solutions? How do you assess their needs?

Demonstrates problem-solving skills.

2. Describe a time when your recommendations had a major impact on a business.

Reveal more about work history.

3. How do you convince clients to go with your recommendations? Explain your sales process.

Tests sales skills.

4. Is it important to provide support to buyers after they’ve purchased your IT solutions? Why?

Demonstrates post-sale behavior.

5. How do you explain technical solutions to someone who doesn’t have a technical background? Provide examples.

Tests communication skills.

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