Volunteer Coordinator Interview Questions

Volunteer Coordinator Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Volunteer Coordinators organize and schedule new and existing volunteers for suitable volunteer opportunities, while adhering to the values of the volunteer organization. Volunteer Coordinators work with a wide variety of people, acting as their point of contact within the organization.

When interviewing Volunteer Coordinators, look for candidates who demonstrate a passion for volunteering and excellent communication skills. Be wary of candidates who demonstrate a lack of organization and knowledge of current affairs needed to organize volunteer opportunities.

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Interview Questions for Volunteer Coordinators:

1. Have you used a recruitment database to recruit volunteers?

Look for candidates who have experience in the use of databases and recruitment. Also, note candidates who do not have experience but demonstrate working knowledge of databases and recruitment.

2. How would you organize on-the-job training for a volunteer lacking a certain skill?

Demonstrates organizational skills.

3. How would you motivate or reward people who work for no pay?

Look for candidates who demonstrate interpersonal skills and creative thinking. Candidates should demonstrate a knowledge of volunteering motivations and ideals.

4. What would you look for in prospective volunteers?

Volunteer Coordinators are responsible for recruiting new volunteers, so should demonstrate volunteering and recruitment experience, as well as an understanding of the necessary skills that would suit the organization.

5. How would you handle a volunteer who is underperforming and shows a lack of motivation?

Demonstrates interpersonal skills and problem solving.

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