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Vermont JobLink



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Vermont JobLink is a local employment portal that is completely free and provides a range of resources and support services to help employers with their recruitment activities. Employers can create profiles to showcase their business, post unlimited job ads, and search a resume database.


  • The platform is completely free for both employers and job seekers.
  • Employers can create profiles to promote their business to job seekers.
  • The site features a searchable resume database.
  • Employers can opt for self-service or staff-assisted job postings.
  • There is a range of resources available to employers, including labor market information and customized recruitment services.


  • Employer accounts must be approved before job postings are added to the job board, which typically takes two to three days.
  • The site does not offer featured job posting options or social media promotion.


We were unable to find any online reviews of Vermont JobLink.


It is free to post a job on Vermont JobLink.

How to Post a Job on Vermont JobLink:

$0.00 USD
2 Days
How to Post a Job on Vermont JobLink:

Nine easy steps for posting a job on Vermont JobLink.


Click on "Employers."

Click on "Employers."

Go to the Vermont JobLink home page and click on "Employers" in the top page menu.


Create an account.

Create an account.

Click on the yellow "Create one now!" button beneath "Need an account?"

Carefully read the employer policy on the next page and click on "Accept" toward the bottom of the page to proceed.

Enter your FEIN and SEIN numbers and click on "Search."

If the search yields no registered account for your company, click on "Add Employer."

Complete the online form with the requested details and click on "Create Employer" when complete.

The account approval process may take two to three days.


Create your job ad.

Create your job ad.

Log in to your Vermont JobLink account, select "Job Postings" in the side menu, and click on "Create a Job." Complete the online form with the job details and click on "Save and Continue."


Select qualifications.

Select qualifications.

Indicate the required and/or preferred qualifications for the position. Then, click on "Save and Continue" toward the bottom of the page.


Add the job description.

Add the job description.

Enter wage information and add the job description. When complete, click on "Save and Continue."


Select the job location.

Select the job location.

This page is pre-filled. Ensure that the address listed is the correct job location for the position you want to advertise. You can add an address if the location of the job differs from the information listed. Then, click on "Save and Continue."


Select benefits.

Select benefits.

Indicate the benefits, such as medical insurance, paid time off, and 401k, that your company offers for this position. Then, click on "Save and Continue."


Select an application method.

Select an application method.

Choose how you want candidates to apply and select what company and contact information you want to be displayed. Then, click on "Save and Continue."


Review and post your job ad.

Review and post your job ad.

Ensure that the information provided in your job ad is correct and click on "Activate" to post your job ad.

To make any changes, click on "Edit" beside the relevant section.

Seven Days Jobs is an online job board with a corresponding newspaper, whereas Vermont JobLink is an employment service provided by the public workforce system. While Vermont JobLink is completely free and offers 30-day job postings, Seven Days Jobs does not have a free posting plan and only offers seven-day job ads with optional extensions.

While VermontJobNetwork.com and Vermont JobLink both offer job posting services and access to a resume database, only Vermont JobLink is completely free. VermontJobNetwork.com is the costlier option. However, it offers a better feature profile, including featured job ads, a built-in applicant tracking system, and social media integration.

Indeed is a general job posting site that offers free and sponsored job posting plans. While it's free to post a job on Vermont JobLink, the site does not offer any plans to highlight posts to stand out or offer social media promotion. Both platforms offer resume searches but unlike Vermont JobLink, Indeed charges a premium for this service.

Key Information

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Vermont JobLink






Vermont JobLink is a regional employment portal that covers the state of Vermont.

What does it cost to post a job on Vermont JobLink?

It is free to post a job on Vermont JobLink.

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