Unit Secretary Interview Questions

Unit Secretary Interview Questions

May 29th, 2019

Unit Secretaries work in healthcare facilities, performing administrative tasks such as answering phone calls and scheduling appointments. The Unit Secretary is also responsible for admitting patients, collecting personal information and validating patients' payment methods.

When interviewing Unit Secretaries, the ideal candidate should have extensive knowledge of medical terminology and protocol. Be wary of candidates who cannot multitask or manage their time efficiently.

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Interview Questions for Unit Secretaries:

1. What process do you follow when managing daily tasks?

This question will indicate the candidate's ability to multitask.

2. What is your method for keeping confidential information private?

Highlights the candidate’s experience working with confidential records.

3. Describe how you’ve implemented or refined processes as an administrative assistant. What was the impact?

Tests problem-solving skills.

4. How have you calmed a stressful situation? Why?

Shows a desire to help others and interpersonal skills.

5. How should you greet a new client?

Demonstrates the candidate’s people skills.

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