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1 job posting, company logo, and 30 CV database credits.


To source or learn more about candidates without posting a formal job ad, EG Jobs allows employers to download five resumes for £500.00.

Job Post Add-Ons:



Premium Job

£450.00 /week.

Featured Job

£450.00 /week.

Top Job

£550.00 /week.

Job of The Week

£600.00 /week.

Featured Recruiter

£800.00 /mo.


EG Jobs is a real estate job board that advertises available job positions in the United Kingdom's commercial and residential property industry. With EG Jobs, employers can manage multiple ads from a dashboard, advertise jobs with their company logo, and receive direct job postings from candidates already qualified in the field.


  • EG Jobs offers a niche job board that targets candidates who meet employers' job criteria.
  • Local businesses that advertise with EG Jobs include Stags, Oyster Partnership, Blayze Group, Cobalt, and City of London.
  • Employers can advertise jobs with their company logo and information.
  • EG Jobs sends email alerts to qualified candidates who meet employers' criteria.
  • Employers can automatically download resumes from promising candidates.
  • According to EG Jobs, the site receives over 52,000 job seeker visits per month and an average of 16 direct job applications per ad.
  • EG Jobs' candidate database includes CV's from over 14,000 job seekers.
  • The website offers tools that help track and manage applications.


  • It costs £500.00 to download five CV's from the resume database, and prices for featured job posts are costly.
  • The website lacks robust features like job ad and salary statistics.
  • Compared to competitors like reed.co.uk and Totaljobs, EG Jobs is the more costly option.


We were unable to find customer reviews of EG Jobs online.

How to Post a Job Ad on EG Jobs:

£1,682.00 GBP
15 Minutes
How to Post a Job Ad on EG Jobs:

Four easy steps on how to post a job ad on EG Jobs.


Posting a job ad on EG Jobs.

Navigate to the recruiter's page.

Go to EG Job's website and click on "Post jobs" in the top-right corner. After clicking on this option, you'll immediately be redirected to the recruiter's portal.


Click "Post a Job Today."

Click "Post a Job Today."

On the following page, read through the job posting plan's details and benefits. When you're ready to continue, click on "Post a Job Today" or "Advertise Now."


Create an employer's account.

Create an employer's account.

Next, you'll be prompted to either log in or create a new account. For new employers, create your account by filling in the registration form and clicking on "Create an account" to proceed to the job description.


Complete the job description and payment.

Complete the job description and payment.

On the final step, you can fill in the job description form and complete the payment. Make sure that you preview your job ad before publishing it.

EG Jobs vs. TheLawyer.com:

The key differences between TheLawyer.com and EG Jobs are the two competitors' target market and pricing. While TheLawyer.com advertises general legal jobs, including those that focus on estate law, EG Jobs targets the entire real estate industry. TheLawyer.com does not disclose pricing, but EG Jobs offers plans ranging from £1,682.00 to £2,145.00.

EG Jobs vs. Jobsite:

While Jobsite is a general job board that charges £149.00 per post, EG Jobs is a real estate job board that charges between £1,682.00 and £2,145.00 per post. With EG Jobs' posting plans, employers do enjoy benefits such as applicant tracking and management tools, both missing from Jobsite's plans.

EG Jobs vs. Indeed:

Indeed is a free job board with incredible reach. EG Jobs, on the other hand, offers costly job postings, limited to the U.K. EG Jobs provides basic features, such as dashboard and email alerts, which are similar to Indeed's features. However, EG Jobs is a niche job board that promises over 52,000 job seeker visits per month.

Key Information

Legal Name

LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group.

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1918


United Kingdom






How much does it cost to post a job ad on EG Jobs?

EG Jobs offers job posting plans that range from £1,682.00 and £2,145.00, as well as job post add-ons that help boost exposure.

How can I create an employer's account on EG Jobs?

  1. Go to EG Job's website.
  2. Click on "Create an account" in the top-right corner.
  3. Complete the registration form and click on "Create an account."

How do I edit a job ad on EG Jobs?

Registered EG Jobs employers can edit and/or delete any job ad from their personalized dashboard.

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