Tree Groundsman Interview Questions

Tree Groundsman Interview Questions

February 20th, 2020

Tree Groundsmen maintain the appearance of trees in a variety of outdoor areas like parks, gardens, and resorts. They typically report to a Supervisor and use a wide range of implements and skills to complete tasks.

When interviewing Tree Groundsmen, the best candidates will be physically strong and fit. Avoid those who cannot follow instructions.

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Interview Questions for Tree Groundsmen:

1. Can you describe the type of landscaping tasks you have carried out?

Tests experience and skill level.

2. How do you stay strong and fit enough to perform your duties?

Reveals more about the candidate and their commitment to the job.

3. How will the position of Tree Groundsman help you achieve your ultimate goals?

Gauges the candidate’s potential and reveals their short and long-term goals.

4. Which safety measures do you follow before you start working?

Demonstrates knowledge of health and safety.

5. What is the most advanced skill you have acquired as a Tree Groundsman?

Highlights the candidate’s level of expertise as well as their strengths and potential weaknesses.

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