Lawn Care Technician Interview Questions

Lawn Care Technician Interview Questions

August 16th, 2019

Lawn Care Technicians are responsible for the upkeep of gardens and their immediate surrounds. Lawn Care Technicians may tend to these areas outside residences, business parks, or in public areas.

When interviewing Lawn Care Technicians, the most appropriate candidate will be experienced in caring for an array of flora. Be wary of candidates who lack decisiveness, as well as mental and physical endurance.

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Interview Questions for Lawn Care Technicians:

1. Can you tell me about which lawn you took the most pride in?

Highlights pertinent experience and a commitment to work.

2. How would you care for a rose bush?

Reveals patience and technical expertise.

3. What would you do if passersby kept walking on the plants?

Tests assertiveness and problem-solving abilities.

4. How would you care for a lawn during a drought?

Shows knowledge and innovation.

5. How would you ensure that all tasks were completed on time?

Assesses organizational and time management skills.

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