Ticket Booth Supervisor Interview Questions

Ticket Booth Supervisor Interview Questions

February 11th, 2020

Ticket Booth Supervisors oversee the ordering and sale of tickets at retail ticket booths.

When interviewing Ticket Booth Supervisors, the ideal candidate will have advanced managerial skills and detailed knowledge of computerized ticketing systems. Be wary of candidates with limited managerial and retail experience.

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Interview Questions for Ticket Booth Supervisors:

1. What skills do you think Ticket Booth Supervisors need to be successful?

Reveals a deeper understanding of the role and highlights the candidate’s skills.

2. What ticketing and computer software systems are you most familiar with?

Highlights areas of expertise and reveals possible gaps in knowledge.

3. How would you deal with a staff member that is not performing to company standards?

Assesses the candidate’s managerial and motivational skills.

4. How would you deal with an irate customer who will not listen to the ticketing staff?

Demonstrates the candidate’s interpersonal skills.

5. What systems should be in place to ensure financial consistency with cash management and ticket sales?

Shows the candidate’s supervisory and system-management skills.

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