Therapeutic Support Staff Interview Questions

Therapeutic Support Staff Interview Questions

February 20th, 2020

Therapeutic Support Staff facilitate their clients' integration into academic and social contexts by executing various counseling-related techniques.

When interviewing Therapeutic Support Staff, strong candidates should be adept at multidisciplinary collaboration. Avoid inflexible candidates with limited knowledge of neurodevelopmental trajectories.

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Interview Questions for Therapeutic Support Staff:

1. Which neurodevelopmental disorders typically feature sensory processing difficulties?

Evaluates familiarity with prevalent comorbidities.

2. Can you describe how you previously collaborated on clients' intervention plans?

Discerns experience conducting multidisciplinary therapeutic tasks.

3. How have you formerly supported neurodiverse clients?

Highlights pertinent therapeutic expertise.

4. How would you tackle disruptive outbursts within classroom settings?

Assesses containment and behavioral regulation techniques.

5. When would you choose to encourage environmental modifications in lieu of behavioral adjustments?

Indicates investigative and clinical judgment capacities.

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