Technical Lead Interview Questions

Technical Lead Interview Questions

February 21st, 2020

Technical Leads oversee technical teams. Their main duties include fixing software and engineering issues, as well as monitoring and training staff. They also evaluate business operations, assist with recruitment, set targets, and ensure maximum client satisfaction.

When interviewing Technical Leads, the best candidates will display excellent attention to detail, troubleshooting, and organizational skills. Be wary of candidates with poor decision-making and project-management skills.

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Interview Questions for Technical Leads:

1. How would you motivate your team as the project deadline approaches?

Tests planning, motivational, and communication skills.

2. Can you describe a successful project you’ve worked on? What was your role?

Reveals more about the candidate, his or her technical knowledge, and his or her ability to make meaningful contributions.

3. Describe a time you resolved a conflict with a coworker. What did you learn?

Demonstrates conflict resolution skills and the ability to learn from mistakes.

4. How would you address productivity issues with your team?

Reveals the ability to remain professional and make decisions under pressure. Also tests communication and interpersonal skills.

Tests commitment to ongoing education and dedication to excellence in the field.

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