Supply Chain Manager Interview Questions

Supply Chain Manager Interview Questions

Last updated September 18th, 2017

Supply Chain Managers aid in the manufacturing process by creating strategies to increase safety, efficiency, and productivity. Candidates should be good analysts who can improve processes. Avoid those who lack creativity or communication skills.

Interview Questions for Supply Chain Managers

1. Tell about a time that you found a way to improve a process. How did you do it? What impact did this have?

Shows ability to solve problems and get results.

2. How have you used presentation skills to sell your ideas?

Demonstrates communication skills.

3. Have you ever worked with contracts? Explain your experience.

Shows comprehension of legal documents.

4. Talk about your accounting experience. What software did you use?

Provides details about bookkeeping skills.

5. How would you build relationships with suppliers here and abroad?

Shows ability to build rapport with others.

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