Staff Writer Interview Questions

Staff Writer Interview Questions

July 29th, 2020

Also known as a content writer or journalist, a staff writer creates content for a publication based on an assigned topic. The staff writer performs research on their topic and interviews individuals if necessary to write an informed and interesting piece.

When interviewing staff writers, the ideal candidate should have excellent communication skills and show an interest in keeping up with current events. Be wary of candidates that show a lack of interest in improving their skills or receiving constructive criticism.

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Interview Questions for Staff Writers

1. How do you begin doing research for an article?

Tests the candidate's ability to research a topic.

2. What is your process for finding someone to interview and preparing questions?

Shows the candidate's planning process.

3. How would you respond if you were asked to rewrite a piece entirely?

Demonstrates the candidate's ability to take criticism in a professional way.

4. What is your process for fact-checking information?

Shows the candidate's ability to only provide accurate information.

5. How do you manage your deadlines?

Tests the candidate's time management skills.

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