Journalist Interview Questions

Journalist Interview Questions

A Journalist is a news expert who conducts research and writes articles about numerous topics including politics, economics, sport, entertainment and more. They predominately work within a media company but may partake in occasional freelance work. Also known as a reporter.

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Journalist Interview Questions:

1. How would you manage the stress of tight deadlines?

Tests the candidate’s ability to perform under pressure.

2. How do you ensure your work is accurate and factual?

Demonstrates the candidate’s investigative and fact-checking skills.

3. Can you list three current stories that impact our publication?

Highlights the candidate’s knowledge of the latest headlines.

4. Can you describe the three best qualities of your writing style?

Tests the candidate’s writing skills.

5. How would you handle a hostile or uncooperative interviewee?

Demonstrates the candidate’s interpersonal and communication skills.

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