Copy Editor Interview Questions

Copy Editor Interview Questions

Last updated July 22nd, 2018

Copy Editors review and edit content for quality and readability. Successful applicants will have experience as an English language editor, as well as excellent organizational and time-management skills. Avoid candidates who lack copy-editing experience.

Interview Questions for Copy Editors

1. Can you tell me about your background as a writer and editor?

Reveals work history.

2. How do you plan, organize, and prioritize your workload?

Shows organizational and time-management skills.

3. Can you describe your approach to revising copy to ensure quality, accuracy, and clarity?

Demonstrates candidate’s work style and expertise.

4. Describe a time you provided excellent copy-editing service to an employer or client. How did it benefit them?

Shows attention to detail, reliability, and dedication.

5. Can you tell me about a time where you managed the production process of a publication - including design, layout, and content quality - before a deadline?

Demonstrates time-management, communication, and organizational skills.

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