Social Studies Teacher Interview Questions

Social Studies Teacher Interview Questions

October 2nd, 2019

Social Studies Teachers teach learners about history, geography, politics, economics, and culture. They may incorporate current events into their lesson plans and usually encourage spirited in-class debates. Social Studies Teachers strive to produce students who are socially responsible and respectful of other people's beliefs.

When interviewing Social Studies Teachers, look for candidates who are culturally sensitive and able to build rapport with their students. Be wary of those who struggle to work with students from different backgrounds and demonstrate low tolerance levels.

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Interview Questions for Social Studies Teachers:

1. Describe a time when a student disagreed with your opinion. What did you learn?

Tests willingness to learn, and the ability to participate in respectful, engaging debates.

2. What advice would you give to a struggling Social Studies student?

Tests problem-solving, interpersonal, mentoring, and communication skills.

3. A student becomes angry during a spirited classroom discussion. What do you do?

Reveals the ability to remain professional, think quickly, and diffuse a tense situation.

4. What do you hope to contribute during your time at our school?

Reveals more about the candidate, their potential, as well as long and short term goals.

5. How will you encourage students to keep up-to-date with current events?

Demonstrates commitment to inspiring social consciousness and responsibility in students.

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