Service Technician Interview Questions

Service Technician Interview Questions

June 19th, 2019

Service Technician is a broad title that encompasses workers in several different industries. The core responsibilities of Service Technicians, however, include traveling to customers' homes or businesses to perform repairs to problematic equipment and machines.

When interviewing Service Technicians, look for candidates who demonstrate current technical and mechanical skills. Take note of candidates who lack customer service, problem-solving, and diagnostic skills.

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Interview Questions for Service Technicians:

1. Can you describe the most difficult technical problem you have come across and how did you solve it?

Demonstrates candidates' experience and problem-solving skills.

2. What steps should you take if a repair job is taking longer than expected?

Demonstrates candidates' time management and organizational skills, as well as their ability to handle stress.

3. What would you say is key to handling demanding customers?

Demonstrates candidates' customer services, communication, and creative thinking skills.

4. How comfortable are you with traveling frequently?

Demonstrates candidates' suitability for the position.

5. What tools or systems do you use to keep a record of your work?

Demonstrates candidates' organizational and technical skills.

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