SEO Executive Interview Questions

SEO Executive Interview Questions

September 12th, 2019

SEO Executives are responsible for overseeing the optimization of web content for a client. The SEO Executive's responsibilities include increasing web traffic and improving site structure, in addition to measuring and reporting on SEO performance.

When interviewing an SEO Executive, the most suitable candidate should display thorough working knowledge of analytics tools, a drive for SEO and excellent time management skills. Avoid candidates with limited experience, little-to-no coding knowledge, and those who are behind on the latest developments of SEO.

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Interview Questions for SEO Executives:

1. How would you explain SEO to a beginner?

Tests candidate's understanding of SEO.

2. How would you improve SEO on our website?

Demonstrates skills and knowledge.

3. What type of data does Google Analytics provide?

Reveals the candidate's knowledge and understanding of analytics tools and ability to report on performance.

4. How would you optimize a URL?

Demonstrates an understanding of the process of optimizing a URL.

5. Do you have experience in content marketing?

Reveals the candidate's experience with content marketing.

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