Senior Graphic Designer Interview Questions

Junior Graphic Designer Interview Questions

September 9th, 2019

A Senior Graphic Designer manages design projects from conceptualization to implementation. The Senior Graphic Designer is responsible for creating original designs, planning production schedules, and supervising lower-level team members.

When interviewing Senior Graphic Designers, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of design methods and principles, good communication skills, and a passion for graphic design. Be wary of candidates with poor organizational and leadership skills.

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Interview Questions for Senior Graphic Designers:

1. What are your design strengths and weaknesses?

Assesses whether the skills of the candidate match those of the job requirements.

2. Why do you want to work for us?

Reveals the candidate's idea of the company and its brand, as well as how he or she can contribute to the development of the brand.

3. How do you respond when a client gives you harsh criticism?

Demonstrates flexibility and appreciation of feedback.

4. How do you measure your design's success?

Demonstrates the metrics the candidate makes use of and the desire to improve ROI.

5. What is the best design piece from your portfolio and why?

Reveals confidence in design skills and the ability to explain a design piece.

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