Illustrator Interview Questions

Illustrator Interview Questions

August 22nd, 2019

Illustrators are design artists that create original images for both printed and digital media. Illustrators use hand-drawn, painted and digitally created artwork to turn ideas into visual imagery that will attract the company’s target audience.

When interviewing an Illustrator, the most suitable candidate will possess strong artistic skills across a variety of mediums with a good grasp of spatial awareness and color design. Avoid candidates that are not able to work to a strict deadline and interact with the design team on a daily basis.

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Interview Questions for Illustrators:

1. What is your favorite drawing or painting in your portfolio and why?

Demonstrates the skill, style, and values of the artist.

2. What techniques and resources did you use to design your last few pieces?

Demonstrates the candidate’s ability to work on different media and digital technology.

3. How do you get inspired to produce a piece of artwork?

Demonstrates the creative thinking and conceptual abilities of the candidate.

4. What do you do to overcome a creative block?

Demonstrates how a candidate can move through the different stages of the creative process.

5. What would you do if a client continually rejected all your presented drafts?

Demonstrates how the candidate deals with stress, rejection and the ability to work around a problem.

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