Junior Graphic Designer Interview Questions

Junior Graphic Designer Interview Questions

September 10th, 2019

Junior Graphic Designers will improve on existing skills and designs by working with a Senior Graphic Designer on various design projects. They assist in driving the creative direction of campaigns and constantly work towards meeting deadlines.

When interviewing Junior Graphic Designers, the most suitable candidates will demonstrate an understanding of typography, layout, animation and graphic design tools. Be wary of candidates who struggle with constructive criticism, poor communication, and lack creativity.

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Interview Questions for Junior Graphic Designers:

1. What qualities should a Junior Graphic Designer have?

Reveals what the candidate thinks about the profession.

2. How do you incorporate feedback into your designs?

Shows appreciation for constructive criticism and problem-solving skills.

3. What are the major steps of your creative process?

Demonstrates the candidate's understanding of the creative course of action.

4. Tell us about a time when you created great work under pressure. How do you handle tough deadlines?

Shows time management skills and creativity.

5. How do you work with collaborators? How does the final hand-over process work?

Shows comfort and flexibility working with others. Suggest ways to make the final hand-over as smooth as possible.

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