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Sanitation Worker Job Description Template

We are looking for a punctual sanitation worker who will be responsible for collecting the garbage and recyclables of communities, businesses, and organizations. Your duties will include disposing of hazardous waste correctly and ensuring that there is no garbage left on the streets or in natural areas.

To be successful as a sanitation worker you must display physical fitness and dexterity in order to perform the job effectively. You will also have knowledge of different waste types and follow protocols for dumping garbage correctly.

Sanitation Worker Responsibilities:

  • Visiting numerous residential and commercial locations, on a daily basis, to collect solid and liquid waste either by manually collecting the garbage or using an automated garbage-disposal truck.
  • Transporting and disposing of garbage in a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly manner, at a city or state-approved dump site.
  • Ensuring recyclables such as glass, paper, and plastic are properly separated from other types of garbage for effective recycling.
  • Operating an automated garbage-disposal truck to lift garbage dumpsters and trash cans, when necessary.
  • Crushing or burning garbage, in a controlled environment, when necessary.
  • Collecting pieces of furniture or large electronic devices, by appointment, or from the roadside, for effective disposal.
  • Clearing debris from roadways to ensure a safe and clean environment.
  • Maintaining the garbage-disposal truck by performing routine maintenance, such as checking tire pressure, topping off fluids, and inspecting mechanical parts for unusual wear and tear.
  • Scheduling weekly garbage pick-ups for residential and commercial locations.

Sanitation Worker Requirements:

  • High school diploma, preferred.
  • Commercial driver’s license to operate a garbage-disposal truck.
  • Knowledge of proper lifting techniques when handling heavy objects.
  • Experience working with hazardous materials and knowledge of proper waste disposal methods.
  • Working knowledge of GPS and online mapping sites.
  • Great physical fitness and strength.
  • Team player.
  • Good sense of direction.
  • Ability to endure tough working conditions.
  • Punctual.

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