Sanitation Supervisor Interview Questions

Sanitation Supervisor Interview Questions

February 24th, 2020

Sanitation Supervisors design and implement strict sanitation policies to ensure food manufacturing companies comply with health and safety regulations.

When interviewing Sanitation Supervisors, the ideal candidate should demonstrate detailed knowledge of food manufacturing processes and have a good eye for detail. Be wary of candidates with poor management skills.

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Interview Questions for Sanitation Supervisors:

1. What skills do you think Sanitation Supervisors need in order to be successful?

Reveals a deeper understanding of the role and highlights relevant skills.

2. Can you describe how you would design and implement sanitation policies?

Demonstrates the candidate’s analytical skills and knowledge of sanitation policies.

3. What procedures should be followed when contaminants are found in the facility?

Demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge of state health and safety procedures.

4. How would you ensure the sanitation staff are trained correctly?

Demonstrates the candidate’s managerial and training skills.

5. What do you think is the most difficult part of being a Sanitation Supervisor?

Reveals honesty and highlights potential weaknesses.

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