Warehouse Manager Interview Questions

Warehouse Manager

May 16th, 2019

Warehouse Managers manage the delivery and dispatching of merchandise in warehouses, and supervise staff, vehicles and other equipment. Ideal candidates are competent, experienced and have excellent communication skills. Avoid apathetic, sullen applicants.

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Warehouse Manager Interview Questions

1. How would you motivate our staff?

The applicant's answer will show their leadership style.

2. Could you give examples from past experience where you took disciplinary action against staff members in a prudent manner?

The candidate's answer will display their leadership style further.

3. How did you maintain the safety and security of staff in previous positions?

In their answer to this question the potential hire should convince you of their ability to maintain your human assets proficiently.

4. What measures would you take to prevent stock losses in our warehouse?

The candidate will show their ability to maximize your profits in their answer.

5. Are you an effective leader, and why would you say so?

The prospective hire's answer will display their self-knowledge and further illuminate their leadership skills.

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