Sales Manager Interview Questions

Sales Manager Interview Questions

Last updated November 3rd, 2017

Sales Managers analyze data, develop strategies, establish sales objectives and quotas, and train, direct, and mentor the sales team. Successful candidates will be adaptable, communicative, and posses strong sales skills. Avoid those who lack leadership or coaching skills.

Interview Questions for Sales Managers

1. How do you begin the training/coaching process? What advice do you give?

Reveals how candidates trains others.

2. Describe some of the strategies you’ve developed. What idata did you use?

Tests analysis skills.

3. Which of our products is your favorite/least favorite? Try to sell me one of these products.

Tests sales skills.

4. How do you determine whether dwindling sales are an internal problem or an external issue? What do you do to fix these issues?

Tests problem-solving skills.

5. What is your management style? What is your sales style? How do you adapt your style to suit different types of people?

Shows adaptability.

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