Sales Associate Interview Questions

Sales Associate Interview Questions

Last updated November 3rd, 2017

Sales Associates work directly with customers to answer their questions, learn about their needs, and match them with the right products and services. Successful candidates will be courteous, engaging, professional, and knowledgeable about company offerings. Avoid those who lack customer service or interpersonal skills.

Interview Questions for Sales Associates

1. How do you determine which products are right for your customers?

Reveals more about the sales process.

2. Describe a time when successfully handled a customer’s complaint. How did you fix the problem?

Tests interpersonal skills.

3. Which of our current products/services is your favorite? Try to sell it to me now.

Tests sales skills.

4. How do you balance meeting sales quotas with maximizing customer satisfaction?

Shows commitment to providing quality service.

5. Describe a time when you provided stellar customer service. What impact did this have?

Tests customer service skills.

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