Business Development Manager Interview Questions

Business Development Manager Interview Questions

March 18th, 2019

Business Development Managers help a business grow by making connections, building relationships, identifying new markets, and negotiating sales terms. Strong candidates will be resourceful, analytical, and proactive. Avoid uncommunicative or disorganized candidates.

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Interview Questions for Business Development Managers

1. How do you turn a lead into a sustainable relationship? How do you decide which leads are worth pursuing? Support your response.

Demonstrates relationship building skills.

2. What steps do you take to analyze trends and find new opportunities? Explain your process.

Shows ability to generate sales.

3. Describe how you balance pursuing new customers with retaining existing ones.

Demonstrates task management skills.

4. How do you handle resistance from buyers? Explain your process.

Tests sales skills.

5. Describe a time when you lost a client or sale. Why did lose it? What did you learn?

Shows ability to handle rejection.

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