Account Coordinator Interview Questions

Account Coordinator Interview Questions

Last updated September 18th, 2017

Account Coordinators support Account Executives and work closely with clients to learn about their needs, match them with the right products, and generally improve the buyer experience. Ideal candidates will be communicative, driven, and adaptable. Avoid those who lack sales experience or interpersonal skills.

Interview Questions for Account Coordinators

1. How would you manage your time and prioritize tasks at work?

Demonstrates ability to multitask.

2. Tell about a time when you turned a difficult cold call into a sale.

Shows drive and adaptability.

3. How do you handle complaints and retain clients with concerns?

Reveals how the applicant handles challenges.

4. What would you do to improve sales processes here?

Shows ability to analyze and improve processes.

5. Describe some of our current products and try to sell me one of them.

Demonstrates sales skills and product knowledge.

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