Account Executive Interview Questions

Account Executive Interview Questions

Last updated September 18th, 2017

Account Executives, or Account Handlers, help companies grow by overseeing sales processes, supporting clients, developing strategies, and demonstrating product value to buyers. Successful candidates will have strong interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills. Avoid disengaged or dispassionate candidates.

Interview Questions for Account Executives

1. Define the stages of the sales cycle. Which stage do you find most challenging?

Demonstrates job knowledge.

2. Tell me what kind of buyer I am and try to sell me one of our current products.

Shows adaptability and preparedness.

3. How would you retain a dissatisfied client?

Tests customer service skills.

4. Describe your experience with CRM software and database management.

Demonstrates computer skills.

5. How would you manage to support your assigned clients while also pursuing leads and making cold calls?

Shows time management skills.

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