Ramp Agent Interview Questions

Ramp Agent Interview Questions

May 31st, 2019

Also known as baggage handlers or fleet service agents, Ramp Agents perform various ground and under-wing services to ensure an aircraft is ready for flight and that all baggage and cargo requirements, including loading and unloading, are fulfilled.

Successful candidates will adhere to occupational safety regulations and be great team players. Avoid candidates who lack physical strength and dexterity.

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Interview Questions for Ramp Agents:

1. Describe a time when you had to drive and operate a baggage tug. Did you manage to operate it effectively?

Tests ability to drive and operate ground support equipment.

2. Have you loaded dangerous goods onto an aircraft before? What are the correct procedures to follow in such a scenario?

Demonstrates experience working with dangerous goods and knowledge of safety procedures.

3. How do you ensure an aircraft is ready for its next flight?

Tests job knowledge.

4. Are you able to work in cramped, confined spaces?

Shows the ability to work in confined spaces which is especially necessary when working in and around baggage conveyor systems.

5. When marshaling an aircraft, what protective gear should you be wearing?

The candidate should specify that they would be wearing a helmet, earmuffs, and a reflective safety vest.

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