Psychotherapist Interview Questions

Psychotherapist Interview Questions

February 21st, 2020

Psychotherapists counsel individuals with affective and behavioral disturbances, as well as those seeking to boost their adaptive functioning.

When interviewing Psychotherapists, the ideal candidate will exhibit thoughtful curiosity about human behavior. Avoid overly sensitive candidates with diminished work-related processing capacities.

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Interview Questions for Psychotherapists:

1. What are your perceptions about immersion therapy?

Searches for critical engagement with well-established therapeutic modalities.

2. How would you treat deeply entrenched non-compliance?

Highlights psychotherapeutic expertise.

3. Which regional healthcare specialists have you collaborated with?

Reveals established industry connections and proficiency in multidisciplinary work.

4. How often would you attend supervision?

Discerns thoughtfulness about the processing of job-related duties.

5. How could psychotherapy benefit well-adjusted individuals?

Illustrates knowledge about the utility of psychotherapeutic offerings.

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