Product Photographer Interview Questions

Product Photographer Interview Questions

July 24th, 2020

A Product Photographer, or Photographer, is responsible for capturing images of a brand's products to be used in advertisements or online. Product Photographers work with brands to find out what their expectations are and decide on a direction for shoots.

When interviewing Product Photographers, the ideal candidate should have excellent planning skills and a warm demeanor. Be wary of candidates that communicate poorly or have no evidence of prior experience.

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Interview Questions for Product Photographers:

1. What kind of research do you perform before a shoot?

Shows the candidate's process of planning a shoot.

2. How would you respond to a client that was unhappy with your work?

Demonstrates the candidate's ability to admit to their faults and make appropriate amends with a client.

3. Which software do you use when editing images?

Shows familiarity and experience with industry tools.

4. How much experience do you have with capturing products as opposed to people or nature?

Tests to see if the candidate has job-specific experience rather than general photographic experience.

5. How would you suggest a change in artistic direction when a client has explained their own ideas?

Shows the candidate's ability to provide a professional opinion delicately and respectfully.

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