Priest Job Description

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October 14th, 2019

Priests steer their congregations by issuing authoritative, God-inspired instruction and prayer. Priests also mentor inexperienced church staff to strengthen their operations.

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Priest Job Description Template

We are searching for a prayerful Priest to lead our multicultural cohort of parishioners. The Priests' responsibilities include conveying developmentally-appropriate religious teachings, promoting adaptive communion, and counseling misguided parishioners. You should also coach junior church staff in salient work-related areas.

To ensure success as a Priest, you should be multiculturally literate, approachable, and judicious. An excellent Priest should continually endeavor to enlarge the congregation.

Priest Responsibilities:

  • Delivering accurate and capacity-enhancing religious instruction.
  • Providing authoritative and righteous spiritual counsel.
  • Promoting gainful fellowship among parishioners.
  • Training inexperienced church staff to actualize the clergy's visions.
  • Directing sacred practices to uphold their sanctity.
  • Counseling misinformed, struggling, and wandering parishioners.
  • Officiating parishioners' pertinent rites of passage.
  • Providing vulnerable cohorts with material support.
  • Praying for parishioners and broader groups.

Priest Requirements:

  • Degree in Theological Studies or an adjacent field.
  • Subsequent recognized training in our religion is preferred.
  • Pertinent officiating licenses.
  • The impetus to intercede through prayer and God-driven action.
  • Structured but adaptable counseling approach.
  • Commendable leadership techniques.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Culturally aware.

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