Pool Service Technician Interview Questions

Pool Service Technician Interview Questions

May 14th, 2020

Pool Service Technicians are highly trained individuals who test, service and treat swimming pool water for domestic and commercial swimming pools. They are tasked with testing the pH of the pool water and adding chemicals to correct the pH and chlorine levels.

When interviewing Pool Service Technicians, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate extensive knowledge of pool chemicals, have a pleasant and professional demeanor, and be able to work unsupervised for extended periods. Be wary of candidates who cannot work with hazardous chemicals or anyone not able to work long hours in harsh weather conditions.

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Interview Questions for Pool Service Technicians:

1. What do you think is the most difficult part of treating a swimming pool or spa?

Shows the extent of the candidate’s skills and highlights any weaknesses.

2. What have you done to improve your knowledge of swimming pool technology in the last year?

Demonstrates the candidate’s willingness to improve their knowledge of the industry.

3. How would you treat a swimming pool that has been abandoned for more than 12 months?

Test the candidate’s knowledge of chemicals and pool technology.

4. Have you ever experienced a time when you could not rectify the pH level and water quality of a pool, and why?

Shows how a candidate can troubleshoot and solve complicated issues on site.

5. What would you do if a client wanted to use their pool immediately, but you just added acid and chlorine?

Demonstrates how the candidate deals with clients and enforces safety procedures.

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