Field Service Technician Interview Questions

Field Service Technician Interview Questions

September 10th, 2019

Field Service Technicians install, repair, and maintain customer equipment out in the field. They respond to customer callouts and troubleshoot any equipment issues the customer is experiencing. They may also be required to fit new equipment and conduct onsite training.

When interviewing Field Service Technicians, preferred candidates should have good time-management skills, the ability to adapt to a changing work schedule, and excellent troubleshooting skills. Be wary of candidates who are not physically fit and those who are unable to travel extensively.

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Interview Questions for Field Service Technicians:

1. What made you want to work as a Field Service Technician?

Demonstrates the nature and skills of the candidate.

2. How would you go about diagnosing equipment faults at a customer location?

Demonstrates the candidate’s ability to problem solve and follow best practices.

3. What skills do you think a Field Service Technician needs to be successful?

Highlights areas of expertise and reveals the candidate’s skill set.

4. What would you do if you could not find out what was causing the fault in the customer’s equipment?

Demonstrates how the candidate deals with stressful situations.

5. What was the most difficult equipment repair job you completed in the past?

Highlights the candidate’s technical abilities and indicates real-world work experience.

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