Plantae Career Center

Free plan

Free to post internship and volunteer roles.

Paid plans

From $280.00 /member post and $453.00 /nonmember post.

Job post duration

Up to 180 days.

Featured listings

Resume database access

Job ad distribution

Applicant tracking system



Plantae Career Center, hosted by the American Society of Plant Biologists, is a niche job board that advertises a wide range of plant science-related vacancies. The platform offers discounted posting rates to ASPB members and there are several job ad enhancement options available to reach a wider network of skilled candidates.

While the job board allows employers to post internship and volunteer positions for free, its paid plans are significantly costlier than several niche competitors, such as Jobs in Horticulture.


  • Plantae Career Center gives companies a targeted approach to hiring talent in horticulture, plant science, and biology.
  • There are several job posting plans available to suit different recruitment needs.
  • Internships and volunteer opportunities can be posted to the site for free.
  • ASPB members can advertise listings at discounted rates.
  • Vacancies are live for either 30, 60, 90, or 180 days.
  • The Featured job plan includes a highlighted listing for increased visibility.
  • Employers can access the platform's resume database to connect with suitable candidates.
  • Listings can be distributed to a variety of affiliated career websites, such as NSPE Career Center.
  • The job board offers featured employer packages that include branded profile pages and banner ad rotations.


  • Plantae Career Center is costlier than some niche alternatives.
  • The job board lacks an applicant tracking system and candidate matching tools.
  • Vacancies aren't promoted on the platform's social media pages.


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Member Pricing

Nonmember Pricing

Local 30-Day Volunteer Posting



180-Day Network Internship Posting



Local 30-Day Job Posting



30-Day Network Job Posting



60-Day Network Job Posting



90-Day Network Job Posting



7-Day ASPB Resume Access



30-Day ASPB Resume Access



Add-On: Featured Job



*The job board offers bulk posting plans, featured employer packages, and additional job post enhancements on its products and rates comparison page.

Plantae Career Center vs. APS Job Board:

Like Plantae Career Center, the APS job board offers featured listings and job ad distribution for added reach. However, the APS job board is more affordable, charging $199.00 per basic member post and $249.00 for nonmembers. In comparison, a standard listing on Plantae Career Center costs $280.00 for members and $453.00 for nonmembers.

Plantae Career Center vs. Jobs in Horticulture:

Plantae Career Center and Jobs in Horticulture) both list roles in the horticulture and plant science sectors. At $49.00 per post, Jobs in Horticulture is more affordable than Plantae Career Center, which charges $280.00 per member post and $453.00 for nonmembers. Of the two, only Plantae Career Center offers free internship postings.

Plantae Career Center vs. HortiDaily Jobs:

Unlike Plantae Career Center, HortiDaily Jobs facilitates global postings but of the two, only the former offers resume searches. While a single post on HortiDaily Jobs costs $150.00, Plantae Career Center features free internship postings but charges $280.00 per member post and $453.00 for nonmembers.

Key Information

Legal Name

American Society of Plant Biologists

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1924


15501 Monona Dr., Rockville, MD 20855-2768



1 (301) 251-0560



What does it cost to post a job on Plantae Career Center?

Plantae Career Center's pricing starts at $280.00 for a member job post and $453.00 for nonmembers. Employers can post internships and volunteer positions for free.

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