Periodontist Interview Questions

Datastage Developer Interview Questions

September 20th, 2019

A Periodontist treats patients with gum related conditions. Periodontists perform surgical and non-surgical treatments, insert implants and provide preventative treatment.

When interviewing Periodontists, the most suitable candidate should demonstrate problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and critical thinking. Be wary of candidates who lack organizational skills, physical stamina, and leadership skills.

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Interview Questions for Periodontists:

1. How would you conduct an initial periodontal examination?

Demonstrates the ability to work systematically to determine oral health.

2. How do you deal with patients who disagree with your assessments?

Reveals respect and sensitivity towards patients.

3. What methods of local anesthetics would you recommend to perform a surgical procedure on a patient?

Demonstrates the ability to be sensitive towards patients' needs and understanding of the different types of anesthesia.

4. How do you determine whether a patient requires surgical treatment?

Demonstrates knowledge and expertise.

5. How do you ensure you stay informed of Periodontal developments?

Demonstrates candidates' ability to stay updated.

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