Nuclear Engineer Job Description

Nuclear Engineer Job Description

November 6th, 2020

Nuclear engineers design and develop systems, equipment, software, and processes to exploit the advantages of radioactive and nuclear material. They may conduct energy research to apply to nuclear power plants, design medical equipment such as PET scanners or radiopharmaceuticals, or develop nuclear military technology.

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Nuclear Engineer Job Description Template

We are looking for a bright nuclear engineer to join our team. As a nuclear engineer, you will be responsible for conducting research and model simulations, designing nuclear components and instruments, and developing systems and procedures for a variety of nuclear applications and technology.

To be successful as a nuclear engineer, you should be highly knowledgeable in nuclear engineering principles and have a strong aptitude for mathematics and physics. A skilled nuclear engineer should be able to work in a variety of nuclear fields and demonstrate precision in their work.

Nuclear Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Meeting and collaborating with clients and engineering teams to define project briefs and technical requirements.
  • Conducting research, tests, and experiments to determine engineering specifications and methods.
  • Designing nuclear software, systems, instruments, equipment, and machinery.
  • Running simulations and what-if scenarios to ensure the safety and functionality of designs.
  • Developing nuclear hardware and software such as reactor cores, cooling systems, and control mechanisms.
  • Creating operational instructions and procedures for nuclear software, equipment, machinery, and systems.
  • Overseeing the construction, maintenance, and repairs of nuclear facilities and equipment.
  • Monitoring nuclear facilities, machinery, and equipment for malfunctions, defects, or degradation.
  • Diagnosing technical malfunctions or safety hazards and implementing interventions.
  • Ensuring that all health and safety measures are implemented and enforced.

Nuclear Engineer Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering.
  • Relevant master’s or Ph.D. preferred.
  • Professional engineering (PE) license.
  • A minimum of four years' experience as a nuclear engineer or similar.
  • Programming experience in Python, C++, and MATLAB will be advantageous.
  • Knowledge of simulation software such as RELAP5-3D and PyNE.
  • A good understanding of nuclear physics, chemistry, and technology.
  • Sound knowledge of industry techniques and practices.
  • Excellent knowledge of nuclear and radiation safety measures and regulations.
  • Exceptional project management skills.

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