Meteorologist Interview Questions

Winemaker Interview Questions

October 2nd, 2019

A Meteorologist uses scientific disciplines to observe, report, and forecast weather conditions and other atmospheric occurrences. Meteorologists study how the atmosphere and weather conditions affect the Earth and people.

When interviewing Meteorologists, the most suitable candidate should have practical work experience, superior mathematical abilities, and good written and verbal communication skills. Be wary of candidate's who have poor analytical skills, a lack of interest in weather systems, and struggle with managing time efficiently.

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Interview Questions for Meteorologists:

1. Who do you look up to in the field of Meteorology?

Demonstrates knowledge of the industry.

2. How do you feel about working extra shifts?

Reveals candidate's availability for extra shifts.

3. What do you know about our local weather?

Demonstrates knowledge of regional atmosphere and weather conditions.

4. What sources do you use to prepare your forecasts?

Demonstrates the process of preparing weather forecasts.

5. Are you familiar with creating and editing weather graphics?

Reveals experience with creating and editing weather graphics.

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