Merchandiser Interview Questions

Merchandiser Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Merchandisers strategically plan the range and quantity of products that are supplied and how these are promoted. This also entails inventory management, the creation of product displays and promotional materials as well as collaborating and negotiating with channel partners.

When interviewing Merchandisers the ideal candidate will have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills with a good understanding of consumer behavior. Be wary of candidates with poor communication and analytical skills.

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Interview Questions for Merchandisers

1. What are the most important attributes of a successful merchandiser?

Reveals the candidate's knowledge and understanding of the role.

2. What do you consider when deciding what product to supply?

Reveals the candidate's previous training and experience.

3. Can you describe a situation in which you have lead a challenging negotiation with a buyer/supplier/distributor?

Tests the candidate's interpersonal and negotiation skills.

4. What makes a great product display?

Reveals the candidate's previous training and experience. Look for candidates who relate display elements to positive customer reactions.

5. What changes would you make to our product line?

Tests whether the candidate has researched the company before the interview and reveals his or her analytical and decision making skills.

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