Buyer Interview Questions

Buyer Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Also known as purchasing agents or procurement specialists, Buyers research, select and purchase goods for retail and wholesale businesses to resell to customers. Strong candidates will be analytical and have excellent negotiating skills. Avoid those who lack strong interpersonal and managerial skills.

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Interview Questions for Buyers

1. What are the most important skills for a buyer to have?

Tests candidate's understanding of role.

2. Describe a time when you had a challenging negotiation with a supplier. What was the outcome?

Tests interpersonal and negotiation skills.

3. What has been your biggest achievement in your buying career?

Reveals strengths and procurement skills.

4. How do you select quality products for the business?

Reveals more about the candidate's buying process.

5. If sales are down for a particular product, how do you overcome this?

Tests problem solving and analytical skills.

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