Mental Health Counselor Interview Questions

Mental Health Counselor Interview Questions

March 24th, 2020

Mental Health Counselors are healthcare professionals who develop and facilitate intervention plans for those who live with psychiatric and addiction disorders, and those who experience emotional distress.

When interviewing Mental Health Counselors, look for candidates with extensive mental health counseling experience and suitable qualifications. Be wary of those candidates whose treatment plans are not in line with best counseling practices and those who lack clinical expertise.

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Interview Questions for Mental Health Counselors:

1. How does your experience equip you to be a good Mental Health Counselor?

Assesses the candidate's suitability and knowledge of the role.

2. Can you tell me about a time when you facilitated a very successful intervention?

Highlights the candidate's expertise and practical experience.

3. What would you tell a husband who can't cope with his wife's psychotic episodes?

Tests whether appropriate intervention steps would be followed to support family members.

4. What would you do if you think a client is not taking their prescription medication?

Demonstrates the candidate's problem-solving skills and their willingness to collaborate with other specialists when required.

5. Can you elaborate on a difference between the latest DSM and the previous version?

Shows whether the candidate keeps up with clinical and diagnostic advancements.

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