Medical Secretary Interview Questions

Medical Secretary Interview Questions

March 21st, 2018

Medical Secretaries handle the administrative tasks associated with medical care, such as collecting patient information, processing payments, and handling communications with outside parties, such as patients and insurance companies. Strong candidates will be attentive, efficient, and courteous. Avoid candidates who are disorganized or do not understand medical terms.

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Interview Questions for Medical Secretaries

1. The phone is ringing on multiple lines and a patient has just entered the waiting room. How do you prioritize tasks?

Tests task management skills.

2. How do you collect patient information? What questions would you ask?

Shows attention to detail.

3. Describe your experience using healthcare software, databases, and terminology.

Tests technical skills.

4. What tasks do you expect to perform on a daily basis?

Reveals job expectations.

5. Describe how you handle angry or emotional patients.

Tests ability to handle stress.

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