Medical Assistant Interview Questions

Medical Assistant Interview Questions

Last updated November 2nd, 2017

Medical Assistants handle administrative tasks and support other medical staff members by collecting patient information and providing basic medical care. Strong candidates will be caring and possess an understanding of medical procedures and terms. Avoid candidates who are indecisive or lack communication skills.

Interview Questions for Medical Assistants

1.A new patient comes into the hospital. What do you do? What questions do you ask?

Tests job knowledge.

2. Describe a time when you satisfied an angry patient. How did you do it?

Shows interpersonal skills.

3. How would you handle a disagreement with a coworker or doctor? Explain.

Tests communication skills.

4. Describe some of the administrative tasks you’ve performed. Which insurance providers, healthcare software, and phone systems have you used?

Tests technical skills.

5. Tell about some of the medical care you’ve provided or assisted with.

Tests medical knowledge.

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