Case Manager Interview Questions

Case Manager Interview Questions

March 21st, 2018

Case Managers connect people in need with healthcare and social services and help them manage many aspects of their lives. Successful applicants will be understanding and resourceful. Avoid candidates who lack communication skills or compassion.

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Interview Questions for Case Managers

1. What was your most challenging case? Most Rewarding?

Reveals more about work history.

2. How do you approach a new case? What do you do to better understand the circumstances/people involved?

Explains how the candidate approaches new tasks.

3. Your case includes a family member with special needs. What resources might you suggest for them?

Tests job knowledge

4. How do you work with angry or violent people? How do you deal with working under this type of stress?

Tests ability to handle stress.

5. When working cases, how do you motivate yourself and ensure all paperwork, visit, and other work gets done?

Demonstrates task management skills.

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