Mediator Job Description

Mediator Job Description

September 25th, 2019

Mediators consult with people who are unable to resolve their quarrels independently. Instead of imposing their own solutions, Mediators guide individuals' thinking to facilitate judicious settlements.

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Mediator Job Description Template

We are searching for an impartial Mediator to facilitate the resolution of our clients' disagreements. The Mediator should thoroughly investigate all precipitating factors, consult with clients to better understand the conflict at hand, and then host discussions that invariably lead to the implementation of client-driven solutions. You should also ensure that mediation remains respectful and engaging during every phase.

To be successful as a Mediator, you should possess the capacity to contain and navigate uncomfortable situations. Ultimately, a memorable Mediator will work towards repairing and preserving fractured relationships in instances where this may be appropriate.

Mediator Responsibilities:

  • Discerning which contextual features engendered the presenting conflict.
  • Meeting with clients to set ground rules and to outline your role in the mediation process.
  • Allowing aggrieved parties the space to clarify their understanding of the disagreement.
  • Presenting your understanding of the situation and requesting corrections, if needed.
  • Guiding clients' thinking about the disagreement at hand, including others' viewpoints and the implications thereof.
  • Facilitating truthful discussions that are directed toward finding judicious, sustainable solutions.
  • Supervising clients' dialogues to arrive at an unambiguous way forward.
  • Re-engaging in discussions about the conflict if requested by clients.

Mediator Requirements:

  • High school diploma.
  • Completion of an accredited Mediation training program.
  • Track record of facilitating amicable conflict resolutions.
  • Perceptive of unspoken feelings.
  • Ability to address distortions in emotion and cognition.
  • Strong verbal communication and containment skills.
  • Impartial, flexible, and decisive disposition.
  • Capacity to refrain from making unwarranted interjections.

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