Mediator Interview Questions

Mediator Interview Questions

September 25th, 2019

Mediators co-create contained spaces where clients are able to work through their difficulties. Invariably, Mediators seek to encourage the formulation of client-driven remedies.

When interviewing Mediators, preferred candidates should be impartial while remaining sensitive to individual requirements. Be dubious of candidates who feel obligated to impose their stances on clients.

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Interview Questions for Mediators:

1. Which resources are helpful for conducting mediation?

Illustrates familiarity with effective mediation-related tools.

2. How would you inform clients about your role in the mediation process?

Offers insight into communication skills.

3. At what point would you intervene in clients' decision-making processes?

Unveils knowledge about the parameters of mediators' duties.

4. What would you do if you fervently disagreed with a client's proposed solution?

Evaluates discernment and restraint.

5. How would you assist clients who were discontented with events following mediation?

Elucidates knowledge about pertinent follow-up protocols.

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