Massage Therapist Interview Questions

Massage Therapist

August 15th, 2020

A Massage Therapist assists clients to reduce stress and pain by performing therapeutic massages. Ideal candidates are knowledgeable, friendly and dexterous. Avoid sullen, unkempt candidates.

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Massage Therapist Interview Questions

1. How do you perform your work duties without injuring yourself?

The applicant’s answer will display their understanding of ergonomics and their ability to perform their duties prudently.

2. Could you give me a comprehensive explanation of all the massage techniques you are confident in performing?

The answer to this question will show the candidate's knowledge and experience.

3. How do you deal with inappropriate guest behavior effectively?

Listen for the potential hire to express the ability to address this problem, which could have a severe negative impact on their work morale.

4. Could you provide examples from past experience where your massage techniques gave guests relief from various symptoms?

The applicant will demonstrate their skill in this answer.

5. Are you a people person, and why would you say so?

To ensure customer retention a Massage Therapist has to—besides being skilled—have excellent people skills.

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