Martial Arts Instructor Interview Questions

Martial Arts Instructor Interview Questions

August 15th, 2019

Martial Arts Instructors equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to conduct a range of attacks and defenses. Most Martial Arts Instructors specialize in a particular form of combat, though a number of these professionals provide instruction in mixed methods.

When interviewing Martial Arts Instructors, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate the ability to co-create a safe, respectful learning environment. Be wary of candidates who are punitive, impatient, and readily provoked to anger.

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Interview Questions for Martial Arts Instructors:

1. How would you promote respect within the classroom?

Shows that the candidate grasps the importance of discussion and modeling.

2. What would you do if you discovered that a student was using martial arts techniques to assault others?

Reveals problem-solving skills and the capacity to implement appropriate disciplinary measures.

3. How would you tailor your lessons to suit the needs of very young students?

Highlights adaptability and knowledge of developmentally-appropriate skills.

4. How would you support a student who was battling to grasp a new technique?

Demonstrates patience and a commitment to fostering learning.

5. What utility does Martial Arts hold in everyday life?

Reveals insight and passion for Martial Arts.

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