Yoga Instructor Interview Questions

Yoga Instructor Interview Questions

July 26th, 2019

A Yoga Instructor conducts yoga classes with groups of people involving meditation and body alignment while performing yoga poses.

When interviewing Yoga Instructors, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of yoga, and possess a dynamic and engaging personality. Be wary of candidates who lack dynamism in the presentation and have poor communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Yoga Instructors:

1. Why do you want to join our team of yoga instructors?

Demonstrates the candidate’s interpersonal and communication skills.

2. Can you describe a typical 60-minute yoga session?

Demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge of the different stages of practice within a session.

3. Why do you consider yourself to be an asset to our company?

Shows a commitment to providing quality service.

4. How do you plan to build relationships by being a Yoga Instructor?

Tests customer service skills, as well as trust and understanding.

5. Can you explain the importance of the Chakra System in the practice of yoga?

Tests the candidate’s knowledge of the practice.

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